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Amazing two days and super fun and cool celebrities gettin' their VING on at GBK's Emmy pre-party at the uber classy Viceroy L'Ermitage in Beverly Hills. #ving #vingvodka #emmys #stephencolbert #gbk_productions #cleanestvodka #awards #awardwinningvodka

Steven Bauer & Flo Vinger. @thestevenbauer absolutely stellar in Scarface and @raydonovan!!  

LOVE💚💚💚💚 @shameless @shanolahampton!! Beautiful, talented and amazing energy! 


ving vodka GOES viral!
8 Million views
LOL 💚😅💚👏 

BUZZ FEED VING VS. "ASIAN GLOW" - This is so funny and such an amazing and unexpected find by Maggie Jung & Kane Diep at BuzzFeed Video! "I'm so happy that VING is such a clean vodka that people are having such positive experiences!" - Flo Vinger, Creator  (YouTube & Facebook


Check out the article By Brittany Wong



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VING Vodka - The Only Fresh Vodka
I was the person with the alcohol allergy last night, and oh my God, I just want to tell you how amazing VING vodka was! I had a cocktail for the first time without all the terrible side effects like headaches, nausea, swellings, rapid heart rate and breathlessness!
— Maggie, Blue Stocking Film Festival

VING VODKA soft launch - JULY 2017 WORLD WIDE SHIPPING NOW AVAILABLE! La BRUNCH & VING-ER - ON THE MENU @ Freds at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills,  Sage Vegan Bistro & BAO dim sum VING BOTTLES @ The oaks gourmetK&L Wines SAN JOse VING BOTTLES @ Eaven liquor store!

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VING VODKA now available for purchase on line through K&L Wines! Shipping available to California, Colorado, Missouri, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Wisconsin and New Mexico! 

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