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Flo & Team VING supports and empowers people that promote wellness, laughter, community, equality, diversity, animal rights and environmentalism.

We want to hear your questions, thoughts and ideas to make our world a better place.

If your film, web series or TV show shares our vision and is looking for product placement or if you are a bartender, retail store, restaurant, distribution company or all around fabulous person who whats to see what all the VING buzz is about…



As a professional dancer from New York City, VING founder and CEO Flo Vinger struggled to find a spirits company that spoke to her; someone who is healthy during the day but, wanted a clean, delicious cocktail at night. There were no companies that represented her wellness lifestyle. Flo wanted to breach the gap between these two worlds and VING VODKA was born. 

As the world's first wellness lifestyle brand, Flo is the leader in this new category of transparency in spirits and has seen billion dollar companies follow suit. “I don’t have a million dollars for advertising but, as long as I’ve made an impact and give people the option to experience the cleanest spirt possible, I believe the people who want to find VING will.” Flo says, “I’m standing in front of my brand and put my whole heart into it and you can taste the love in the bottle." She only uses the highest quality produce and is committed to producing a vodka that actually tastes good. “People have laughed in my face when I would tell them I was doing a wellness spirit line” Flo says, "but, I didn’t care because I know, now more than ever, people are concerned with everything they are putting in thier bodies and alcohol shouldn’t be ignored.” The serving facts and ingredients are listed on the back label and VING Vodka only uses the best organic, fresh produce. VING Vodka has no synthetic ingredients or any additives whatsoever and never will.

In the first two months of VING Vodka’s launch, Buzzfeed tested VING for “Asian Glow” to the tune of over 10 Million views and global sales. Flo comments, “The Buzzfeed video could have killed my brand before it even took off but, I wanted to stay true to my word and let the VING Vodka speak for itself. It was an amazing discovery that Maggie and Kane (Buzzfeed Producers) made and that video just confirmed I was on to something big and that there are millions of people out there who struggle with thier relationship to alcohol.”

VING Vodka is expanding rapidly and has shaken up the industry. Flo plans for rapid growth and she is excited for the global impact of her brand VING and to utilize her impact to heighten awareness for equality and the environment.

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