LOS ANGELES, is known around the world as the leader in wellness and entertainment so, it's very fitting that native New Yorker Flo Vinger began her VING vision there. Flo saw a massive missing element in the spirits industry. Flo says "I couldn't find a spirit that I loved that was about a full lifestyle approach to alcohol. None of it seemed relevant toward my friends and I." Flo says, "I'm SUPER picky eater and have a ridiculously sensitive olfactory so, anything slightly offensive...I'm done." Flo continues, "I really drink for flavor, I'm not a gulper. I just never knew what to order when I went out. It all tasted like stuff a guy who like cigars and who's favorite book was Moby Dick would drink. I really wasn't enjoying what I was putting in my body. After researching the market I realized what I wanted didn't exist. So I made my own."

I wanted VING to be the flavor, not masked by sugary sodas and juices.
— Flo Vinger, VING Visionary

Plain vodkas are known to be a flavorless spirit, masked with sugary juices and sodas so there was a quality control issue for Flo as well. The most popular infused vodkas are made with fake flavors that are synthetic in taste. Flo aimed high and achieved a vodka that would taste amazing, be organic, gluten-free and a spirit you could drink on it's own without the "burn". She worked for 4 years to develop the recipe VING. A long friendship began when she stepped into VENTURA SPIRITS DISTILLERY to perfect the flavor profile and fine tune intricate production aspects of VING.

VING uses only organic corn and organic produce - kale, lemon, cucumber - with the cleanest, steam distilled water for our ultra smooth and unique, ultra premium vodka. The spirit is distilled from corn so it's gluten-free and it adds a hint of that buttery flavor and perfectly complements the other flavors.

 FUN FACT: In the begining stages of development, VING began as a beautiful green vodka.

FUN FACT: In the begining stages of development, VING began as a beautiful green vodka.