Flo, your vodkas are the best vodkas I’ve EVER had. VING with kale, lemon peel and cucumber could seriously be used as a perfume with its exquisite fragrance. It is delicious and I love it as a sipping vodka. And VING corn based vodka, is remarkable. How you ever invented these I’ll never know. But, thank goodness you did. Their smoothness is unprecedented. It’s perfect. Thank you for your remarkable creations.
— xo Ellen
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VING VODKA is Lab Tested and Flo made sure to push the spirits game by including the serving facts on the back of all VING VODKA labels so you know exactly what’s up! Let’s dig even deeper and get into the PH and Alkaline of VING…

Alkaline water is 8 - 8.1 & 7.0 is neutral.

VING Farm Fresh Corn = 7.7 pH
VING Kale, Lemon Peel, Cucumber = 7.5 pH

750 ML • 80 PROOF • 40% Alcohol by Volume
Born in LOS ANGELES. Small batch & Handmade in Ventura, CA
VING VODKA is Created and enjoyed by FOUNDER & CEO
Flo Vinger

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